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Ukraine Bicycle Project | 3 Week Trip Complete

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Jesse Buller: “My 3 week trip to Ukraine is complete. I did a bit of everything while I was there, and I consider it a success. The bicycles built in this project will be donated to pastors throughout the country of Ukraine. I spoke with one pastor who told me that he visited about 2,000 people in a matter of a few months on a bicycle that was donated to him by this project.

Now I’m back in Michigan with a smile, and looking forward to what’s ahead. I will be honing my skills in preparation for my next bicycle building trip.”

Pedal Culture Original

Pedal Culture | Ukraine Bicycle Project

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Jesse Buller: “The coming 18 days will be an adventure. I’m headed to Ukriane. I will be in Bucha, a small town not too far from the capitol, Kyiv. The purpose of my visit is to acquaint myself with an ongoing bicycle building endeavor by Doug Fattic called the Ukraine Bicycle Project. I am flying out April 28 (tomorrow) and returning May 15. I am not exactly sure what to expect. I do know that back in 2006 Herbie Helm made time to assist the project by flying to Ukraine and building a batch of 50 frames. My goal is to meet the people involved in this project, and see where I can help. This trip will allow me to bring much needed materials to the shop, meet the people involved, and see how I can be of assistance. Okay, now back to packing!”

Pedal Culture Original

Hufnagel Cycles | Porteur Bicycle

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Hufnagel Cycles: “Crazy times over here at Hufnagel Cycles. I have shut down my shop and taken off on a long journey to Patagonia with my long time shot mate James Crowe on a couple of amazing motorcycles that he made. We have been working really hard for a long time to make it happen and the next year is surely going to be amazing.

Before taking off I made an extra Porteur bike that is for sale and eagerly awaiting a home! I’ve attached a bunch of photos below.

It is a 56 cm seattube with a 61 cm toptube.

It is built with the Schmidt SONdelux SL front hub that operates with out wire connectors and instead transmits the electric current for the lights through the axle and into a fork built specially for it. All the wires are internal and hidden and the wheel comes on and off like any normal wheel!

Custom made taillight with red glass lens, all made in house.

The Handle bars and brake levers are custom machined to allow for use of the new Paul reverse brake levers on these handlebars. The levers just bolt straight into the bars. It’s pretty slick. Nice reverse levers for this thickness of handlebar are hard to come by and I’m stoked that we made this work. The bars also have a nice raw aluminum brushed finish that looks really nice.

And last thing to point out… the rear dropouts are vintage Zues track ends that my pal B.B. sent my way a while back. I think they are awesome and you certainly won’t find to many other bikes rolling around with them.

Feel free to hit me with any other questions at jordan@hufnagelcycles.com

It is already boxed up and ready to ship out.

If you are interested in James and I’s travels we have a website at wearewestamerica.com where we will be making updates.”

Courtesy of: Hufnagel Cycles